JAPAN – Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. announced a new chapter in its corporate identity with the introduction of a revamped group logo and statement, effective April 1, 2024.  

This move underscores the company’s commitment to solidifying its position as a global leader while emphasizing its dedication to social value. 

The new logo incorporates the established Asahi logo, complemented by a “Sunrise Arc” in yellow and the word “GROUP” in Asahi’s signature blue.  

“The Asahi logo symbolizes the trust we have cultivated with our stakeholders throughout our history,” the company stated.  

The “Sunrise Arc” signifies the morning sun, or “asahi” in Japanese, reflecting the company’s aspiration to illuminate the world. This design aims for global recognition, transcending language barriers. 

The fan-shape formed by the arc represents the group’s expanding global ambitions and potential. The chosen colors of blue and yellow symbolize the Earth and Sun, as well as water and light.  

Asahi highlights these colors as embodying the company’s essence – a blend of tradition and innovation, passion and integrity, and trust with a challenger spirit. 

Founded in 1889, Asahi Group Holdings has grown into a diverse beverage and food conglomerate. Its global expansion strategy, with a focus on establishing robust international operations, has significantly increased its global footprint.  

Today, nearly half of its revenue stems from overseas markets, with a workforce that reflects this internationalization – over half its employees now operate internationally. 

“Our new group corporate logomark represents our aspiration to not just grow as a global organization, but also to serve as a ray of hope, making people’s lives shine brighter,” said Atsushi Katsuki, President and CEO of Asahi Group Holdings.  

“Alongside this, our corporate statement articulates our commitment to build connections among people, thereby paving the way for a sustainable future together. We believe that through these connections, we can contribute to a brighter world, both today and in the future.” 

The company’s refined corporate statement – “Make the world shine – we bring people together to make the world shine brighter” – reinforces its commitment to these values and highlights its purpose as a global entity. 

In 2023, Asahi Group recorded a 6.8 percent growth in revenue attributed to unit sales increase driven by price revisions and premiumization. The core operating profit grew 3.9 percent mainly due to increased revenues and enhanced cost management despite cost pressures. 

In 2024, the group forecasts a 3.6 percent growth in revenue with an expected profit growth of 4.2 percent. 

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