SOUTH AFRICA Atlantis Foods, a major player in South Africa’s frozen seafood distribution sector, has announced a transformative collaboration with On The Green Side, a leading plant-based food company.

The strategic partnership, set to kick off on December 1, 2023, is poised to revolutionize the marketing, sales, distribution, and development of an innovative range of plant-based products.

Atlantis Foods, a trusted supplier in both the food service and retail industries, is renowned for its extensive seafood selection distributed to wholesalers, distinguished food service clients, and key players in the retail sector.

Neil Pascall, Managing Director of Atlantis Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, stating that they are very excited about the innovative partnership noting that it will usher in a new era for Atlantis Foods, symbolizing a significant step forward into a more sustainable future.

“With our well-established footprint and large team, we are able to introduce the brand to locations previously out of their reach,” he said.

Founded in 2018 in Cape Town, On The Green Side is a pioneer in plant-based food technology, using cutting-edge High Moisture Extrusion techniques.

Their plant-based protein, introduced to the local market in 2020, remarkably replicates the taste and texture of real chicken, earning recognition from major retailers.

According to the company, the main goal of the collaboration is to spearhead the plant-based food revolution, merging innovation with taste for a positive environmental impact.

“Our vision has always been to focus on a sustainable supply of affordable protein that is accessible to consumers worldwide,” John Uys, General Manager of On The Green Side, emphasized.

“We believe there is room for both plant-based meat replacements and animal protein. By combining our technology with the resources of a reputable company like Atlantis Foods, we will be better positioned to execute our goal.”

As part of the collaboration, Atlantis Foods will manufacture and process On The Green Side’s crumbed products in their partner factories located in Atlantis.

The initiative also aims to benefit the Atlantis community and serves as a pioneering model of a broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) transaction.

The factory operations are wholly owned by Workers’ Trusts, ensuring benefits are directed to previously disadvantaged individuals from the Atlantis area.

In addition, the partnership will culminate in the launch of a new range of plant-based crumbed products, anticipated to hit the market in early 2024, marking a significant milestone in the plant-based food revolution in South Africa.