DENMARK – Atlas Copco, a leading provider of industrial compressors and vacuum solutions, has introduced a beer foam separator designed to optimize the beer bottling process and enhance sustainability for brewers.  

The new Beer Foam Separator (BFS 900), developed in close collaboration with major brewery customers, addresses the persistent issue of excess foam generation during beer filling. 

The BFS 900 works in tandem with Atlas Copco’s Industry 4.0-ready GHS VSD+ screw vacuum pump to tackle this challenge effectively. Excess foam entering the vacuum line has long been a problem for beer producers, disrupting the filling process, causing quality issues, and reducing output.  

Alessandro Villa, Applications Manager at Atlas Copco, said: “Addressing process concerns for the beer industry effectively with our innovative capabilities and application expertise is a focus point for us.” 

The BFS 900, made from stainless steel, features an auto-draining tank and an associated logic control system that automatically collapses excess foam, preventing it from entering the vacuum system.  

This design not only safeguards the pump but also eliminates the need for water usage to clear the foam. The separator’s durable construction and integrated cleaning cycle make onsite maintenance straightforward, while sophisticated sensors monitor liquid and foam levels to ensure optimal performance. 

When combined with Atlas Copco’s energy-efficient GHS VSD+ vacuum pump technology, the BFS 900 is said to deliver up to 40 percent in energy savings compared to conventional solutions.  

Pamela Cateland, marketing manager West at Atlas Copco Vacuum, noted: “Our new beer foam separator is an example of how we provide not just products, but solutions. Our vacuum pumps and the systems we build contribute significantly to maintaining quality, shelf life, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. This also encourages more trust and reliability for consumers, vital for our valued customers.” 

Concurrently, Atlas Copco Group has announced the acquisition of Swed-Weld AB, a Swedish provider of smart, automated screw and nut-feeding systems focused on the automotive industry. 

Henrik Elmin, Business Area President for Industrial Technique, stated, “This acquisition will complement our current product portfolio with the addition of nut and screw feeding solutions, which will strengthen Industrial Technique’s offering in the area of automation.” 

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