AUSTRALIA – Whole Kids, Australia’s largest certified organic snacks manufacturer for children said it plans to launch in China as it seeks to boost on global sales.

Founded in 2005 by husband and wife James and Monica Meldrum, the company produces certified organic, additive free and allergen friendly snacks with a goal to provide a wide range of healthier and nutritionally superior products for kids.

Speaking to Food Navigator Asia, Monica Meldrum, Founder of Whole Kids said: “We sell our products in both Australia and international markets, and it is sold in over 2,000 retail outlets as well as directly online.

“Whole Kids is proud to export to the Middle East and South East Asia, and is currently working to launch sustainably into China.

“We plan to continue this growth and expansion into the future to further grow our business to become a truly global leader in kids’ health.”

According to her, Whole Kids has Australia’s largest range of organic snacks for kids, comprising over 50 product lines across infant and health food categories.

The Whole Kids range is targeted at children from six months old with ‘Frooshie’ pure organic fruit puree pouches, to dry snacks for children new to solids such as Sweetcorn and Carrot Turtle Pus.

It caters for children’s lunch boxes, with snacks for children aged between 12 months to 9 years old, such as Manuka Honey Popcorn and Cheese Grissini.

It also has organic fruit bars, apple cookies, as well as the Barefoot bar that contains just three ingredients, is minimally processed and is great for children with allergies.

Promising snacks business

Monica said the business has grown 30% in the past year alone.

Challenges in growing the business include huge advertising budgets and strive to overcome the marketing tactics of big junk food brands who contract up customers by offering large incentives for exclusive supply.

Global kids’ food and beverages industry is expected to grow with a bloom in the market in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Innovations and project launches are influenced by factors such as growing awareness of well-balanced diet on a global scale, growing preference for healthy, organic & all natural foods even as healthy bakery products gain prominence.

Major players in this category include Atkins Nutritionals, Inc, Britvic Plc, Brothers International Food Corporation, Campbell Soup Company, Clif Bar & Co. and Conagra Brands, Inc.