Austria – Revo Foods, a startup based in Vienna, is launching an improved version of its Revo Salmon—Smokey Slices—a completely plant-based smoked salmon substitute made from pea protein.

The Smokey Slices are available in two flavors: Smokey Style and Dill & Lemon Style.

The latest version of Revo Salmon is designed with enhanced bioavailability, ensuring that the protein is easily digestible.

The new recipe includes microalgae oils (DHA, EPA), high-quality pea proteins, and sea salt, resulting in a fresh taste.

The Smokey Slices also contain fibers and essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, B12, and B6.

Notably, the omega-3 fatty acid content is higher than that of some farmed salmon products, and 100 grams of Smokey Slices provide 50% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin E.

This vegan alternative mimics the orange-red hue of wild salmon and is now accessible through the Revo online shop and Austrian supermarkets.

“Our aim is to offer authentic alternatives that not only deliver excellent taste and texture but also provide nutritional benefits while easing the burden on marine ecosystems,” says Nike Farag, creative manager at Revo Foods.

“Inspired by nature, we strive to protect and respect her, even if we haven’t yet achieved perfection.”

Revo Foods emphasizes that its products stand out in the market by offering significant nutritional benefits compared to other fish alternatives.

However, the company has encountered legal issues, having been sued earlier this year for allegedly deceiving consumers into believing its plant-based salmon was actual fish. 

“Our packaging clearly indicates that the ingredients are entirely plant-based and labels the products as vegan,” said Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, after being asked about the lawsuit.

“We consider the claims of deception to be unwarranted. Many consumers specifically look for these products, and it is important to use descriptive names to convey the taste accurately.”

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