INDIA- Azelis, a global distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Beneo, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients to extend distribution of their products.

This partnership, effective immediately, designates Azelis as the sole distributor for a range of products, including inulin, oligofructose, scFOS, texturized wheat proteins, faba beans, beta-glucans, meatless solutions, and speciality rice ingredients in India.

Additionally, Azelis will distribute the complete product portfolio in Bangladesh.

The collaboration reinforces Azelis’ existing successful partnership with Beneo in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

Beneo specializes in developing functional ingredients derived from natural sources such as chicory roots, sugar beet, rice, and wheat.

Their plant-based functional ingredients contribute to improving the nutritional and technical properties of various products, aligning seamlessly with the increasing demand for sustainable and plant-based solutions.

Christian Philippsen, Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Beneo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Azelis’ extensive technical knowledge, market understanding, and commitment to sustainability.

“We are enthusiastic about our new partnership with Azelis in India and Bangladesh. Azelis was selected as our preferred partner thanks to their extensive technical knowledge, deep market understanding, and commitment to sustainability,” he said.

He emphasized the potential for Azelis to provide comprehensive support to customers, from conceptualization to product development.

Aparna Khurana, Managing Director India & Subcontinent at Azelis, expressed delight at the partnership, noting that Beneo’s product range aligns with the demand in India and Bangladesh for solutions such as sugar reduction, plant-based and meatless products, and enhanced mouthfeel.

“We are proud to include their offerings in our portfolio, as they perfectly align with our mission to promote health and wellness. This partnership is a testament to our unrelenting commitment to bringing innovative and comprehensive solutions to the food and beverage manufacturing industry in India and Bangladesh.”

ADM launches regenerative agriculture program in Brazil prioritizing soil health and sustainable practices

In another noteworthy development, Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has expanded its global regenerative agriculture efforts with the launch of a program in Brazil.

This initiative aims to promote and support sustainable agricultural production with a focus on soil health, biodiversity protection, improved soil fertility and resilience, and increased farm productivity.

ADM’s program in Brazil will initially concentrate on three key practices. Firstly, there will be a focus on enhancing fertilizer use efficiency and increasing the utilization of biological inputs.

Secondly, efforts will be directed towards reducing chemical inputs and substituting traditional nitrogen products with more technologically advanced alternatives to mitigate carbon emissions during planting.

Lastly, the program will involve the promotion of no-till farming, with technical assistance guidance to refine and intensify this widely adopted practice in the field.