NIGERIA – The Managing Director, Nestle Nig Plc, Mr. Mauricio Alarcon, has said his company’s Backward Integration Policy (BIP) and the use of more familiar and common ingredients has not only improved the nutritional profile of their products, but also boosted the economy.

At the launch of the company’s new variant of seasoning, Maggi Naija Pot, in Sagamu, Ogun State, Alarcon said the seasoning helps families cook better-tasting wholesome southern dishes with less effort while delivering the delicious ‘bottom of the pot taste.’

He said with over 4,000 farmers, the company uses 80 per cent of locally sourced raw materials, which has helped its factory expansion.

Alarcon said: “Most consumers want minimal processes, but desire adequate nutritional needs from any purchased products. With that in mind we fortified our Maggi Naija pot with iodine and other essential nutrients.

“We have further trained over 1,600 farmers in local technology using soya beans with over 7,000 local maggi traders. In doing this, we have not only increased our capacity, but is also creating wealth.”

The Category Manager (Culinary), Mr. Nordine Meguini, said the company has brought out innovative solutions to help women cook appetising food for their families.

On the composition, he said it has a component of stock fish, crayfish and smoked fish to enhance the taste and aroma of Nigerian southern dishes.

On the unique selling features of the new seasoning, Meguini said: “The maggi Naija Pot has superior taste and aroma, a source of iodine, saves time, money and effort in purchasing different ingredients.

“The new seasoning makes it possible for people with low budget to enjoy quality mouth-watering food appeal in a unique blend of recognisable local ingredients developed to enhance the taste and aroma of Nigerian southern cuisine giving them that authentic bottom pot taste.”

He said as a company, Nestle’s driving force is to improve the nutritional profile of their products and work on salt and sodium reduction and the fortification of its products with iron in order to   reduce the risk of under nutrition and contribute to address micronutrient deficiencies.

The category manager assured that the company will continue using more familiar and common ingredients to create competitive products that are not only healthy but also friendly to customers’ budget


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