ASIA – Barilla, world’s leading Italian pasta brand, has launched a new whole wheat pasta range in the Middle East, made of 100% whole wheat.

Barilla’s whole wheat pasta serves as an excellent source for fibre as it provides 6g of fibre per serving, which is three times the fibre in traditional pasta.

According to, “grains are naturally high in fibre, helping you feel full and satisfied — which makes it easier to maintain a healthy body weight.

Whole grains are also linked to a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and other health problems.”

Saudi Gazette reported that the wheat is made with non-GMO ingredients, as the pasta range comes in six different options which include fusilli, pennette rigate, spaghetti, farfalle, coquillettes, and tortiglioni – and stays true to the Italian company’s promise of providing great taste and quality to Italian flavours.

The new pasta line also compliments well with the range of Barilla’s existing sauces, which are all gluten-free, making it a complete, healthy Italian meal.

“Since we launched in this region, we have witnessed a change in demand from our consumers.

With our gluten-free pasta launch last year, we have committed ourselves to providing consumers with a range of options whether it is for health reasons, taste or for personal preference.

We want people to believe Barilla is not just one option amongst others, but it is the only choice for a good Italian meal,” said Loay Elkhouly, Managing Director, Barilla – MEA, commenting on the launch of the new range.

The pasta giant also offers other options such as the 100% durum wheat and the gluten-free pasta range that suit different consumer dietary lifestyles.

As part of their growing portfolio, Barilla also offers a range of authentic Italian sweet and savory bakery products, Mulino Bianco.

Driven by passion for pasta, Barilla was founded over 140 years ago in Parma.

Since the beginning, the pasta giant has been inspired by the Italian tradition to bring high quality and great tastes to every home and lifestyle through its products.

This is further enhanced by Barilla’s commitment to promoting more sustainable agricultural and farming practices that improve the efficiency of production processes in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.

The company added that it does not only invest in developing products, it also aims to inspire food connoisseurs through Barilla’s recipe app, nutritionists, and its super chefs.

Barilla’s newest pasta range is now available across all major stores in the region.