USA – Barry Callebaut and Unilever have joined forces to adopt a new pilot platform that will assess and monitor sustainability performance across their supply chains.

The new platform applies a harmonised approach to data collection with a goal to enhance sustainability assessment of its ingredients sourcing around the globe.

The companies are utilizing Field to Market’s/ Sustainable Agriculture Initiative’s (SAI) Equivalency Module with US farmers to assess sustainability performance of their supply chains, in commodities including sugar.

The module allows the farmers to fulfil the requirements of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) by completing a 15-question module.

With the ability to verify the sustainability performance of their key sourcing regions, the two companies can also identify improvements that will benefit the entire food and agriculture value chain.

“This new approach between Field to Market and SAI Platform allowed us to partner with our supply chain to engage participating sugar beet farmers in our Fieldprint® Project in Minnesota and North Dakota and achieve FSA Silver level verification,” said Kevin Ogorzalek, Sustainable Sourcing Manager at Barry Callebaut, a joint member of both Field to Market and SAI Platform.

“These new developments make it simpler for us to collect sustainability data and assess the performance of sugar we source in the United States.”

The pilot includes sugar supply chains as well as the ten additional commodities supported by the Fieldprint Platform.

From the platform, the companies expect to benefit from several improvements such as detailed requirements and background information for farmers; expanded and updated implementation guidance; and streamlined user experience.

The joint Equivalency Module also allows participating farmers to measure environmental sustainability to reach FSA Bronze by confirming that they comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations relevant for their farming operation.

“It’s exciting to see Field to Market and SAI Platform bringing their partnership to life through this solution which streamlines sustainability assessment across global supply chains,” said Stefani Millie Grant, Senior Manager for External Affairs and Sustainability, Unilever.

“By utilizing the Equivalency Module in our North Dakota Wheat Fieldprint Project, Unilever is better able to assess and characterize the sustainability performance of a key ingredient of our Knorr pasta and identify opportunities for continuous improvement through Field to Market’s outcomes-based approach to advancing sustainable agriculture.”