Barry Callebaut reviews World War II Chocolate brand as Ferrero Rocher wraps chocolates in eco-designed boxes

UK – Swiss-based chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut has reintroduced world-war-era quintessential British chocolate brand Stewart & Arnold in an effort to capture the taste and imagination of British chocolate lovers.  

 The brand can trace its origins back to 1945 when businessman William Stewart and Dr Arnold Spicer (Fellow of Royal Institute of Chemistry) created a Chocolate Factory in the small town of High Wycombe. 


Over 70 years later, Barry Callebaut is reintroducing the classic chocolate brand in UK stores. They are now produced in the historic market town of Banbury bordering the Cotswolds in the heart of the British countryside.  

 “More than ever, customers are looking for provenance and quality to help them set their menu apart and encourage more consumers through the door,” Vincenzo Mangano, Sales Director Gourmet at Callebaut UK & Ireland, said.  

“The Stewart & Arnold range is not only consistently versatile, but it is also designed to surprise and delight customers with an iconic British taste.” 

 Richly rounded and deeply smooth with a distinct flavour profile, the range includes 70% Great British Dark Chocolate, 55% Great British Dark Chocolate, 35% Great British Milk Chocolate, and Great British White Chocolate. 


 The Stewart & Arnold portfolio is created using 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, fresh milk from British farmers, as well as premium quality bourbon vanilla while also supporting local suppliers.  

Eco-designed boxes for chocolates 

Meanwhile, The Ferrero Group has announced a new eco-designed box for its iconic Ferrero Rocher range of chocolates.  

The eco-designed boxes are launching two years after the company announced its commitment to make 100% of its packaging usable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. 

“We are proud to make this important stride in our journey toward more sustainable packaging, as part of the Ferrero 2025 packaging commitment,” said Jerome Gray, President of Global Marketing Premium Chocolate at Ferrero.  


“The Ferrero Rocher eco-designed box is a clear example of our dedication to enhancing packaging circularity.” 

The boxes developed with materials expert Milliken are made from polypropylene (PP), which enables easier recycling globally, the company said. 

 In addition, the new boxes contain 40% less plastic for the 16-piece boxes, and 38% less plastic for the 30- piece boxes.  

The boxes also have at least 30% lower carbon footprint and, when recycled, have an even lower climate impact — reaching a 70% lower carbon footprint versus the previous box.  

Ferrero Rocher estimates it will save approximately 2,000 tonnes of plastics globally in its first year, once the implementation of the new eco-designed boxes is complete across the entire Ferrero Rocher box portfolio. 

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