SWITZERLAND –Barry Callebaut a renowned cocoa and chocolate industry leader, has announced an ambitious strategic investment program “BC Next Level” aiming to drive sustainable growth.

This forward-looking initiative, spanning the next decade, represents the company’s resolute commitment to securing its position as a global leader, while bringing it closer to customers and embracing digitalization.

Barry Callebaut’s unwavering dedication to invest in customer-centric areas, such as innovation, service, sustainability, and quality, has paved the way for the BC Next Level program.

The strategic move seeks to leverage digital platforms to accelerate product development and cultivate stronger partnerships with customers.

The company will finance this substantial investment of resources from its own existing financial reservoirs, a testament to its confidence in the program’s potential.

The program will facilitate the expansion from three regional divisions to five, encompassing Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa. Each division will be further subdivided into five to six country clusters.

As part of this transformation, the company will establish a novel Customer Supply & Development organization, with an aim of streamlining product delivery and expediting global innovation while ensuring local technical support for customers.

One of the program’s standout features is the anticipated annual cost savings, projected to reach approximately CHF 250 million.

These substantial savings will play a pivotal role in fortifying margins and enhancing the company’s cash flow.

The cost reduction strategies will include optimizing manufacturing facilities, streamlining various functions, harnessing the power of shared service centers, and meticulously refining the end-to-end supply chain process.

Meanwhile, Barry Callebaut’s upper leadership is poised for a transformative overhaul.

The Executive Committee will undergo a significant reduction in size, transitioning from nine to six members.

This strategic restructuring will inject fresh perspectives and expertise into the organization, a move deemed essential for navigating the ever-evolving industry landscape.

Notable appointments in this transformation include Peter Vanneste, who formerly served as the CFO of Ontex, stepping into the role of Chief Financial Officer, effective November 1, 2023.

Furthermore, Ben De Schryver will transition from his current role as CFO to assume the mantle of Regional President for North America.

Jo Thys, the present Chief Operations Officer, is slated to take on the pivotal role of President Operations Strategy & Innovation, with reporting responsibilities to Dr. Clemens Woehrle, the recently appointed Chief Customer Supply & Development Officer.

Additionally, Vamsi Mohan Thati is set to lead as Regional President for the APAC, Middle East & Africa region. Under this restructured hierarchy, all regional divisions will directly report to the CEO.

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