NIGERIA – A leading chemical company, BASF, has collaborated with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition on a study aimed at finding solutions to post-harvest losses in Nigeria.

According to statement from the partners, the study aims to identify the current cold storage capacity of Nigeria in both frozen and ambient temperature segments.

It said the mapping outcomes would provide information that could be utilised to stimulate private sector investments for infrastructure and financial services, as well as education and public awareness of the status of the sector.

The results, according to the statement, will inform the cold chain stakeholders’ dialogue and coordination necessary for effective cold chain development.

The Managing Director, BASF West Africa, Dr. Jean-Marc Ricca, was quoted as saying, “As the leading provider of polyurethane insulation solutions globally for more than 150 years, BASF is the right partner to help develop the cold chain of Nigeria.

“Our three innovative and energy-efficient polyurethane insulation materials for the cold chain have contributed to food preservation globally.

“As an organisation that invests in research and development, we will continue to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future.”

The Senior Project Manager, Post-Harvest Loss Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Dr. Augustine Okoruwa, was quoted as saying that BASF, with its strong focus on innovation and successes recorded in the development of sustainable solutions in the cold storage value chain, was a veritable partner in identifying and bridging the existing wide gap in the cold chain in West Africa.

The mapping outcomes would be released not later than April 2018, the statement noted.