GERMANY – Bayer, a pharmaceutical and life sciences company has announced its collaboration with Solidaridad specially to focus on small-scale farmers who have limited access to resources.

According to the company, this partnership involves training and development and at the same time supporting farmers achieve socio-environmental certification standards.

“Partnerships and collaboration are essential if we really want to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Mathias Kremer, Global Head Crop Strategies & Portfolio Management at Bayer.

“Together with Solidaridad and Triptolemos we can achieve this – promote sustainable agricultural practices in different parts of the world and improve farmers’ livelihoods as well as the communities they serve.”

Solidaridad is an organization that focuses on producer support, supply chain and market development.

It functions to offer business solutions through an impartation that establishes strong business partnerships, piloting and scaling up programmes in learning and innovation.

Though the programme was projected to focus on the Central American region, the company said that it was expecting to launch the same in other regions of their operation.

According to Solidaridad, their combined service with Bayer was an additional effort in establishing strong partnerships.

Solidaridad believes that Bayer’s experienced expertise and competency in healthcare and agriculture will help drive the change needed given its leading position in innovation-driven growth markets.

Through PanameriCana, a platform of sugar industry and other stakeholders across Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, one of the projects will work towards improving smallholder livelihoods, food security, integrated landscape management and climate change resilience.

About 1,500 small-scale sugarcane farmers are set to benefit from this program with access to know-how, technology, and financing models.

The companies agreed to work together to implement the BayG.A.P. Service Program, formulated in collaboration with GLOBAL G.A.P to give farmers technical knowledge in implementing Good Agricultural Practices.

This provides farmers with vital certifications to give them a competitive advantage that will help to not only tap into the local market but also the dynamic global market for competitive products.

Collaborating with Solidaridad also targets to educate farmers on sustainable development through safe use of crop protection products, pollinator safety, water management, and other important measures to protect the environment and biodiversity.

To enhance sustainable production, Bayer has also collaborated with Triptolemos Foundation in a partnership that focuses on new training materials and programmes.

“Bayer shares our vision and determination to ensure sustainable production, to improve farmers’ livelihoods, and to reach global food security.

We are looking forward to benefiting from their know-how in implementing good agricultural practices,” said Yvonne Colomer, Director at Triptolemos Foundation.
They agreed to work together in an effort to expand BayG.A.P. Service Program by coming up with more training materials and training through online tools.