USA – Bell & Evans, the US poultry production and wholesale company will invest US$260 million in building a new poultry harvesting facility in Pennsylvania in its new expansion strategy in the US.

The family-owned company investment will set up a new 560,000-square-foot facility, with four processing lines each capable of housing 600,000 birds a week, which will then be processed at the company’s poultry processing site in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania.

The expansion was necessitated by need to meet growing demand for the company’s whole and value-added chicken products.

According to the company, the new site will create over 1,000 new jobs as well as support operations of more than 300 Pennsylvania farms, bringing a significant boost to the agricultural sector.

“We’re excited about our growth and its positive impact for the local communities.

This expansion is supporting local farmers in fifteen surrounding counties by expanding our grow-out and breeder operations.

Additionally, coupled with our 100% conversion to a higher-welfare chicken breed, this expansion ensures Bell & Evans will maintain our position as industry leader and producer of the highest quality chicken in the US,” said Bell & Evans owner Scott Sechler.

The company will source its chickens from farms located within a one-hour radius of the facility as a result presenting opportunities to producers who are prospective of the growing poultry market.

Bell & Evans will also receive more than US$2.1 million in grants from the Pennsylvanian Government’s Department of Community and Economic Development that will also help fund the project.

“The company’s expansion here means more opportunities for our producers – both those who are already raising chickens and those who are looking for ways to diversify their operations to take advantage of growing markets,” said Russell Redding, the state’s secretary of agriculture.