UK – Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA has inaugurated a new culinary centre and office space in Ketton, Stamford, UK to strengthen its culinary capacities and meet growing demand from customers in the country.

The new centre features a test kitchen and flavor capabilities comprising of applications in savory, sweet, dairy and beverage segments designed to encourage creativity, culinary innovation and a focus on regional product needs.

 “With a strong focus on the UK market, this new facility strengthens not only our regional presence – customers will benefit from a faster access to innovative culinary solutions and service,” said Oliver Saalmann, vice president flavours division.

“It is important for us to be ahead of industry challenges and consumer insights, anticipate major trends at an early stage and deliver great taste experiences as well as functional solutions for our customers, enabling them to create successful and winning consumer products.”

With its high activity in the European market, Bell has been training its cross-regional market understanding of the UK food and beverage industry over the past years.

Saalmann notes that the new kitchen and tasting area sets the ideal spot to expand flavor house’s culinary capabilities and to collaboratively develop new food solutions together with customers and partners.

The firm is optimistic that the facility will enable it to blend with the current or future market dynamics, changing dietary needs and help to create healthier products that are in line with consumer expectations.

“It will allow us to accelerate market-oriented product developments together with our customers, explore and develop new concepts and product solutions, host tasting and innovation sessions and increase our expertise in the culinary sector, while keeping track of regional legal implications.”

“It is an inspiring, modern place for ideation and networking and gives our team a creative environment to innovate with flavours, botanical extracts and other food ingredients to create new experiences with a focus on authenticity and clean labelling.”

To complement its headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, Bell Flavors & Fragrances last year opened new locations in Thailand and Indonesia to bolster its presence in Asia.