FRANCE – The American supplier of packaging services, Berlin Packaging has reached an agreement to acquire French packaging manufacturer Verrerie Calvet with a goal to expand its operations in the European region.

Berlin Packaging, which supplies glass, plastic and metal containers and closures is looking to leverage on Verrerie Calvet’s extensive experience in packaging for wine, spirits, olive oil, gourmet seasonings, marinades and sauces.

Verrerie Calvet offers glass bottles and jars along with a wide range of metal containers, closures and specialty boxes and bags for transporting and shipping wine and oil.

The company also offers glass customization and decoration, including an in-house screen-printing service.

“We are excited to become part of the Berlin Packaging family and to embrace our new Bruni Glass colleagues,” said Stéphan Calvet who, along with his brother Eric, owned and operated Verrerie Calvet.

“I am proud of what we have built, and I know this new partnership will bring much more opportunity for our customers and employees.”

Berlin Packaging is a global supplier of rigid packaging products and services to customers, has revenues to the tune of US$2.6 billion with North America forming its major market.

In Europe, the company operates through its Bruni Glass division, with headquarters in Milan, Italy, and locations and warehouses through Italy, France and Spain; and its Bruni Erben division with locations and warehouses in England, Scotland and South Africa.

When the transaction closes, Verrerie Calvet will be integrated into Berlin’s Bruni Glass organization and will be run in partnership with Bruni Glass’ team in France.

This will be followed by integration of Verrerie Calvet’s products with customers from both sides set to benefit from an extensive product portfolio and an array of glass packaging and innovation centers.

The Calvet brothers will continue with the company and all Verrerie Calvet employees will also remain with the business.

“Berlin Packaging has enjoyed tremendous growth in North America and Europe,” added Andrew Berlin, chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging.

“As we move forward, I see so many opportunities to continue our natural growth and to acquire the best companies in the packaging space.

“Verrerie Calvet will be another avenue for us to create jobs, as we have done already around the world.”

Verrerie Calvet marks Berlin’s ninth overall acquisition since 2010 and the third in Europe since 2016.

Last year, Berlin packaging acquired H. Erben Ltd, a UK manufacturer of closures, glass, and machinery for the bottling and packaging industry.

It also, in August opened a new US facility for Freund Container & Supply, a division focused on convenience quantities of packaging and industrial supplies.