UK – UK juice producer, The Berry Company has announced that it will be launching new-flavoured sparkling drinks next month in slim 250ml cans.

The drinks were created in two flavors, goji and acai and each can of the drink will not carry more than 56 Kcal, with over 30% not-from-concentrate juice.

This meets UK government dietary recommendations on how many calories the population should consume in a day to maintain a healthy weight.

The acai flavor was enhanced by addition of botanicals such as yerba mate and guarana to give it the desired taste while controlling the caffeine levels.

Goji berry version on the other hand is added with ginseng and green tea extract.

Accoding to the company, focusing on developed products to add to its range of flavors offering customers a wider basket to choose from would expand on the juice portfolio.

“The acai sparkling drink contains added botanicals guarana and yerba mate, thereby delivering a fully authentic Brazilian experience.

The goji berry drink includes added ginseng and green tea extract, which deliver a fully authentic Far Eastern experience,” said Khaled El-Yafi, The Berry Company founder and CEO.

“These offerings are delicious and light and totally unique.

The berry company has helped build the acai and goji berry consumer base in Europe and around the rest of the world.

We feel the addition of sparkling drinks is a perfect complement to the rest of our brand.

We in turn hope to develop the rest of our core range into a sparkling offering.

This would eventually include pomegranate, cranberry, superberries, and blueberry lightly carbonated drinks.

This range of products can be consumed on their own, at any time of day, after or during an exercise routine or even as a mixer option. We are extremely excited by this.”

UK manufacturers have responded well to the government’s sugar tax that is yet to be implemented by opting for sugar substitutes and making smaller packs.

The sugar tax will be applied on products containing more than 5g of sugar per 100ml at a rate of US$0.25 per litre unit charge, while drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100ml will be subject to a higher levy of US$0.34 per litre unit charge.

The Berry Company had already made a stride in complying to the government’s regulations when it earlier launched The Berry Company-Light range, combining taste and goodness with delicious exotic fruit juices at naturally low sugar content.