#BeverageGoodFriday: New products from Dos Equis, KeVita, Rob Floyd, Mark Rieth, Dairibord, Spiritless, and Tim Hortons

GLOBAL – #BeverageGoodFriday this week features new beverage launches from across the globe starting with Dos Equis, KeVita, Rob Floyd, Mark Rieth, Dairibord, Spiritless, and Tim Hortons.

Dos Equis launches Margarita Classic Lime cocktail RTD line


Heineken-owned Dos Equis has entered the spirits category with the launch of a ready-to-drink (RTD) Margarita Classic Lime cocktail.

The spirits-based beverage blends Blanco tequila and other ingredients to create a mixed cocktail that contains a 10% ABV and also features lime juice and natural flavors.

Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime is currently available in four-packs of 12oz cans in select markets across the US.

KeVita debuts Sparkling Probiotic Lemonades


Tropicana Brand Group-owned fermented beverage brand, KeVita, has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Sparkling Probiotic Lemonades.

The new offering is available in two flavors: classic and peach and contains live probiotics.

 The company detailed that the beverage line is made with organic ingredients and fermented water kefir culture.

The company added that each 15.2oz bottle contains 30 calories or less and 6g of sugar and is available nationwide across the US.

Rob Floyd introduces new CBD beverage elixirs


Rob Floyd has launched exclusive CBD beverage elixirs for daily wellness that has set the standard for safety, purity, and consistency.

Premium Oil Elixirs, Water-Soluble Tinctures, New Advanced Absorption CBD Creams, Gourmet Gummies, and science-based CBD Brain IQ for brain health, have now been added to the Rob Floyd Inedit CBD portfolio.

The products are said to contain 0% THC, free of any harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, heavy metals, and other toxins, and are made from Organic, Non-GMO, Human Grade Ingredients.

Mark Rieth goes for non-alcoholic beverage line

Former Atwater Owner and Veteran Brewer Mark Rieth has debuted “FÜL”, a craft non-alcoholic beverage line, that will be popping up on retailer shelves this month.

These non-alcoholic craft beverages are sports drinks and non-alcoholic alternatives that come in six flavors.

“FÜL” has low calories and two of the six flavors have the beer taste without the alcohol, according to the producer.

The two non-alcoholic beers are available in six packs for $13.99 and the four alternative energy drinks are available in 12-packs starting at $29.99.

Dairibord expands baobab beverage under Cascade brand

Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited, a diversified manufacturer of milk, beverage, and food products, has launched a baobab beverage under its Cascade brand ahead of the summer months.

Cascade is one of Dairibord’s leading brands, available in the market in 250ml sachet, 1-liter tetra pack, and the popular 400ml bottle found in its distinct, famous mold.

The product is available through a wide network of channels such as retailers, wholesalers, franchisees, street vendors, and company-owned sales shops throughout Zimbabwe.

The rest of the world can order the drink through the company’s official website.

Spiritless veers into non-alcoholic canned RTD cocktail drinks

Spiritless, an Austin-based line of non-alcoholic spirits is veering into the RTD space with their launch of two non-alcoholic canned cocktails.

The company said the whiskey sour or old-fashioned brand, both in 250mL cans, come in at 35 and 45 calories, respectively.

4 packs of the drinks are retailing for US$15.99 while 12-packs are available on Spiritless.com for US$47.99.

In addition to their online retail, the products will be available in a variety of touchpoints, from grocery stores to gift shops to traditional liquor stores.

Tim Hortons and Red bull launch Tims Boost Energy Infusion Beverages

Tim Hortons, known for its premium blend coffee, has now expanded its beverage offerings with two brand-new drinks to give customers a boost.

The chain has introduced Tims Boost Energy Infusion Beverages in partnership with Red Bull.

The new beverages are in two flavors: Sunrise Sunset (a mix of raspberry flavored syrup and Red Bull Yellow Edition) and Sky’s the Limit (a blend of blue raspberry and coconut flavored syrups with Red Bull Energy Drink).

The new beverages are now available across participating US restaurants for undisclosed prices.

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