GLOBAL – #BeverageGoodFriday this week features new alcohol beverage launches from Stoli Group, Monster Beverage, Holyrood, and Chapel Down.

Stoli Group launches new Scottish gin

Stoli Group, the leading global ultra-premium spirits, and wine company, has launched a super-premium gin that has been named after a Tulchan Estate in Scotland.

Officially known as Tulchan Gin, it contains 45% ABV and is described as having a prominent taste of candied citrus peel, resin, cardamom, licorice, and coriander with a medium-length finish of kumquat and lemon curd tones.

Tulchan Gin is made using botanicals including sloe berries, elderflower, and blackberry leaves which are found on the Tulchan Estate.

One unusual botanical that provides the gin with a bitter edge and unusually long finish, is asparagus.

Tulchan Gin will be available initially in the UK and US for a suggested retail price of £35.40(US$36) for 70cl and £50.57(US$51) for 1litre.

The company plans to start rolling out the gin brand to Latin America, the Caribbean, Panama, and the Dominican Republic later this year.

Next year Tulchan Gin’s distribution will expand to include Italy, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Monster Beverage is set to launch first alcoholic flavored malt beverage

Monster Beverage Corp is preparing to shelve its first alcoholic flavored malt beverage (FMB) under the Monster brand.

Monster’s FMB debut, ‘The Beast Unleashed’, will contain 6% ABV and will initially be available in four flavors.

The group said the first batches can be purchased via selected beer distributors in the US from August 4, but it hopes to have national distribution for the line in the US by the end of 2023.

Holyrood debuts two new gin expressions

Holyrood Distillery has sought to build on the success of its stripped-back, juniper-led Height of Arrows gin brand with two new expressions.

Its new additions are Bright and Heavy, which continue in this vein with juniper as the hero ingredient.

Heavy, which is a more robust expression, is made using roasted juniper and is sweetened with a small amount of sugar in the Old Tom gin style.

Meanwhile, Bright is distilled with more than three times the juniper of the original Height of Arrows using a multi-shot process that further concentrates the flavors of the botanical and which retains the complex oils it produces.

When water is added, the company details that the oils create louche, a cloudy effect in the gin and tonic.

Both expressions are sold in 70cl bottles priced at £34.95 (US$35.51).

English aperitif Aker launched to take pride as finest English ingredients

Through a collaboration between English wine producer Chapel Down and spirits distiller Capreolus Distillery, a new English aperitif called Aker has been launched.

Made using Pinot Noir from one of Chapel Down’s vineyards in the heart of Kent and wild fermented eau de vie made with raspberries fresh from the Cotswolds, Aker prides itself on bringing out the true character of its finest English ingredients.

An infusion of blossoms, roots, and spices are balanced with wormwood before, and lastly, distilled Chapel Down Chardonnay grape skin distillate is added to enhance the flavor.

A Rosé expression of 17% ABV, for £35(US$35.56) in a 75cl bottle is now available, while will more expressions are set to be released in the coming months.

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