#BeverageGoodFriday: New products from Kirin Brewery, Remedy Drinks, Zevia, Monster Beverage, Vita Coco, and Coca-Cola

GLOBAL – #BeverageGoodFriday this week features new beverage launches from across the globe starting with Kirin Brewery which has launched its first hard seltzers in Japan as well as a new whiskey and featuring trendy new products from other manufacturers including Remedy Drinks, Zevia, Monster Beverage, Vita Coco, and Coca-Cola.

New hard seltzer from Kirin Brewery

Kirin Brewery, one of the Japanese alcoholic beverage giants, has launched its first hard seltzers in Japan as well as a new whiskey in response to rising trends surrounding ready-to-drink (RTD) consumption and sustained interest in the country’s whiskey sector.


Packed on a 250ml can, Kirin’s first range of hard seltzers has been released under the Smirnoff Brand in two flavors, Orange & Grapefruit, and White Peach.

In terms of packaging, the company said it decided to use a simple design on a white base and eliminate as much text as possible, whilst retaining style.

Kirin-made Smirnoff Seltzers will be exclusive to Japan because the licensing for the Smirnoff brand does not belong to the firm beyond the country, the company stated.

Its whiskey product is made at its Mt. Fuji Distillery and follows Kirin’s Single Grain Japanese Whiskey Fuji which already has two other export markets in France and the United States.


Remedy Drink unveils mango passion kombucha

Meanwhile, Remedy Drinks has expanded its portfolio of sparkling kombucha beverages with the introduction of mango passion.

The company said the new flavor of mango passion contains no sugar and has five calories per can as it is made using Remedy’s technique of a “30-day brewing process.”

Zevia’s  limited edition soda


Zevia, a US beverage producer, has expanded its soda portfolio with the launch of two new limited-edition flavors, Fruit Punch and Orange Cream.

Both flavors contain zero calories, zero sugar, are free from caffeine, and come in a six-pack of 12oz cans.

Rehab Monster Watermelon launches

Monster Beverage Co. has expanded its Rehab Monster assortment of energy-plus-recovery drinks by launching Rehab Monster Watermelon.


The beverage contains caffeine, electrolytes, coconut water, vitamins, and antioxidant botanicals, including milk thistle and quercetin.

Vita Coco unveils first juice offering

Elsewhere, Coconut water brand Vita Coco has introduced its first juice offering, Vita Coco Coconut Juice, packed in aluminum cans.

The juice is available in two flavors: original with pulp and mango to offer the option of hydrating and nutritious coconut water expands to its customers, according to the company.

Coca-Cola expands minute maid brand

The Multinational beverage company, Coca-Cola, has debuted Aguas Frescas to expand its Minute Maid brand.

The company said the beverages primarily are made with water, high-fructose corn syrup, and fruit juice.

The new varieties of the beverage include hibiscus, mango, and strawberry, and are available in 16-oz single-serve cans.

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