KENYA – Bidco Land O’Lakes, a feed-focused joint venture between the American agricultural cooperative Land O’Lakes and Bidco Africa has launched new ‘Kienyeji’ four phase diet for the indigenous chicken.

The Kienyeji Feed is expected to improve the rearing of the local poultry raised on either free range or in confinement.

According to Bidco Land O’Lakes, the new product will provide the Kienyeji farmer with appropriate and quality feeds for both the Kienyeji poultry and improved breeds.

Farmers will be able to provide their chicken with different nutritional requirements required for growth as well as ensure improved productivity and maximum return on investment.

“Today we officially launch our new range of Kienyeji 4 phase feeds.

Your best choice for the optimum Kienyeji chicken production,” read a tweet by the company.

“We are here to ensure that the Kienyeji farmer is purchasing the appropriate quality feeds that targets a specific life stage of a chicken – for all their Kienyeji as well as improved Kienyeji breeds.”

Kienyeji chicken are usually raised on free range and are considered to be more resistant to diseases, requiring less attention in terms of feed requirements throughout their growth stages.

But as demand for the Kienyeji poultry continues to grow, there is need to ensure proper housing, stocking levels, vaccination and feeding programmes to minimise any incidences of diseases and maximize productivity.

A combination of various ingredients in the Kienyeji feed may not only enhance quick and optimal growth but also quality, softer and tasty meat.

With optimal feeding practices, the company said the Kienyeji poultry can be ready for the market in six months.

“If we feed our Kienyeji chicken properly, we should be able to take them to the market in 6 months instead of 1 year,” said Herman Githinji, CEO Bidco Land O’Lakes.

Bidco Land O’Lakes venture formed in 2016, aims to capitalize on the enormous growth potential of agricultural markets in Kenya through animal nutrition.

Bidco Land O’Lakes partnered with Coast Animal Feeds in July this year to launch its first poultry centre in Mombasa, Kenya serving as a one stop shop for providing quality feeds, supplements, information and educational resources on farming.

In 2016 Unga Farm Care, a local company manufacturing animal and poultry feeds introduced new feeds, Fugo Kienyeji range for the indigenous and improved poultry breeds.

The company said the range was specifically formulated as a supplemental diet for the Kienyeji chicken.

In Kenya, demand for Kienyeji poultry is highly increasing and farmers are turning to rearing of the birds, something that is changing commercialization of the chicken which has only been about layers and broilers.