CANADA- Bloomer Chocolate Company and Incredo Sugar have announced an extension of their partnership and plans to move into the Canadian market. 

The two companies announced their partnership in 2019 through their joint Blommer’s Discovery product line. 

The product line uses a sugar-based sugar reduction solution made by Incredo to meet the demand needs of a market segment that is conscious of its sugar intake. 

The partnership markets the chocolate ingredients line as free from sugar alcohols and high-intensity sweeteners.  

The Discovery product line has enjoyed significant growth since its launch- growing at a CAGR of 31% since 2019.  

Numerous other brands have adopted the chocolate ingredient line in the frozen food, confectionary, and baking categories. 

The move will introduce the low-sugar product line to the increasingly sugar-conscious Canadian market. 

Kelly Thompson, Incredo CEO, said, “We are thrilled about the new opportunities the expanded Discovery product line will open up for food companies. With the Discovery product line, we’re not just meeting but exceeding the rising demand for reduced sugar options without compromise.” 

What’s more, our commitment to being free of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners ensures consumers can indulge in guilt-free treats, setting a new taste standard in reduced sugar chocolate indulgence.” 

According to an IPSOS survey, 49% of Canadian adults meet the USDA sugar intake recommendation of below 10% of TEI. 

The survey also revealed that a quarter of Canadians prefer a low-sugar chocolate snack over a conventional one.  

In addition, the survey revealed that around 39% of Canadians are willing to purchase these low-sugar products. The survey and the culture in Canada show that this move would be very promising for the companies’ partnership. 

FMCG Guru also reported that 54% of all consumers in North America will choose a low-sugar option when purchasing food and drinks. 

Blommer has also announced plans to expand the Discovery product line beyond low sugar content. 

The company announced the partnership is developing variations that address consumer trends like nutrient-dense product offerings and more affordable, better-for-you products.  

These new product offerings are expected to be introduced at the Sweet & Snacks Expo in Indianapolis in the second half of 2024. 

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