USA – Blue Star Foods Corp is pioneering advancements in the soft-shell crab industry and seafood industry in general, with a groundbreaking integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ultraviolet (UV) light technologies. 

This innovative approach aims to transform the traditional molting crab identification process, which is currently plagued by inefficiencies and errors, leading to high mortality rates and operational challenges, according to Blue Star Foods.

The timing of the molting stage is critical in the soft-shell crab production cycle. 

Presently, the manual identification process is slow and error-prone, particularly during night shifts when molting rates are higher. 

This increases the likelihood of missed molting events, impacting survival rates unfavorably compared to daytime operations.

By implementing an AI-driven system coupled with UV light technology, Blue Star Foods seeks to automate the identification of molting crabs. 

This advancement promises to significantly reduce labor hours and operational costs while enhancing overall efficiency and reducing mortality rates. 

Furthermore, the technology aims to pinpoint the optimal time for harvesting soft-shell crabs post-molt, thereby maximizing their quality and market value.

“This innovative technology not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the average biennial survival rate, currently standing at 75%,” stated a spokesperson from Blue Star Foods. 

The company anticipates these improvements will bolster its operational profitability while setting a new standard for sustainable soft-shell crab production.

Recently, in late March, Blue Star Foods initiated its soft-shell crab production for the 2024 season in South Carolina. 

The company operates under a valid license issued by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, signaling its commitment to compliant and sustainable practices in seafood harvesting.

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