EGYPT – During his official visit to Cairo on Thursday, Brazilian President Lula da Silva oversaw the signing of two pivotal agreements with the Egyptian government, attended by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The first agreement, a protocol, simplifies the export process for Brazilian beef, poultry, and pork to Egypt, ensuring food safety and maintaining rigorous quality standards while streamlining bureaucratic procedures.

This protocol, known as “pre-listing,” establishes an equivalence of meat inspection systems.

Roberto Perosa, the Secretary of Trade and International Relations in Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, highlighted the significance, stating that it reflects the high confidence in Brazilian sanitary control.

Egypt, being one of the six largest importers of Brazilian beef globally and a leader in poultry meat imports, is expected to benefit from this streamlined process. Last year alone, Brazil conquered four new markets in Egypt, including cotton.

Previously, the renewal of export qualifications for Brazilian establishments required costly and time-consuming in-person audits by Egyptian authorities, leading to a backlog of roughly 30 Brazilian companies awaiting qualification.

The new agreement automates Egypt’s recognition of Brazilian certifications, significantly expediting the export process. However, Egypt retains the right to verify compliance through occasional audits.

The second agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), focused on science, technology, and innovation. Lula and El-Sisi announced their commitment to strengthen partnerships and encourage collaboration between companies, universities, and research institutes.

The MoU aims to elevate cooperation in these strategic areas, fostering joint research projects, development and innovation initiatives, and personnel exchanges and seminars.

President Lula expressed the significance of these agreements, stating that they were important agreements in the areas of science, technology, and agriculture during this visit, which will contribute to the development of strategic areas.

He also highlighted the impending entry into force of an aviation sector agreement, facilitating direct flights between Brazil and Egypt.

President El-Sisi underscored the broader intentions to improve relations in agriculture and science and cultural, economic, and political spheres.

The formalization of the pre-listing protocol was officiated by Brazilian Ambassador Paulino Franco de Carvalho Neto and Egypt’s Minister of State for Agriculture and Land Reclamation Mohamed Sayed El-Quseir.

The MoU, signed by Brazilian Minister Luciana Santos and a representative of Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, marked a new chapter in collaborative efforts in science and technology.


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