UK – Leading Scottish brewery, BrewDog has launched Punk AF, a low-alcohol craft beer range that looks to offer consumers a flavorful category with less alcohol.

Punk AF has 0.5% ABV featuring a combination of juicy tropical fruit and grassy and pine notes, sitting on a solid malt bassline.

It is available in the UK in 300ml cans and bottles in BrewDog bars, online and in various on and off trade UK accounts.

BrewDog said the launch marks a new chapter in its quest for craft beer perfection in the low alcohol category and the beer’s punchy flavour explosion subverts expectations around what an alcohol-free beer can offer.

“Punk IPA is the beer that kick-started a revolution,” said James Watt, Captain of BrewDog.

“With the creation of Punk AF, we’re continuing to push our limits and expand the possibility of what craft beer can be.

“We’re tearing down the image of alcohol-free beer as weak and flavourless. Say hello to the Punkest new beer in town.”

The new range follows the launch of Nanny State, a low alcohol beer with 1.1% ABV in 2009.

Nanny State was created following the backlash for creating Britain’s strongest beer, Tokyo stout with 18.2% ABV.

It is adopting the low ABV concept with beers that are very low in alcohol, below the legal classification of beer and not strong enough to be subject to beer duty.

The focus is on flavour rather than alcoholic strength, and Nanny State has now become BrewDog’s fourth biggest product in the UK off-trade, contributing to 5.7% of the total portfolio, and delivering +38.7% value growth year on year,” said BrewDog in a statement.

“Inspired by the bold taste of its iconic Punk IPA, BrewDog has ensured Punk AF remains big on flavour.”

In April, BrewDog acquired a brewery and taproom in Berlin from US-based Stone Brewing, as it aims to further elevate the status of craft beer in Germany.

BrewDog had in 2015 agreed to import Stone Brewing beers into the UK and followed the buyout deal, the Berlin site will continue to brew Stone Brewing beers.

The company closed its Equity for Punks V crowdfunding round last October, securing £26.2 million (US$34.07 million) in one year.