SCOTLAND – BrewDog Distilling Co, the Scottish multinational brewery and pub chain, has entered the Tequila market with the launch of Casa Rayos, a blanco expression.

For tequila to be considered a Blanco, it is required to be distilled a minimum of 2 times before bottling.

Blanco is unaged and is widely believed to represent the most authentic agave aroma and flavour profile notes including cooked agave, fresh citrus fruits and herbaceous greenery.

 BrewDog’s is a result of collaboration with the Orendain family, renowned as the third-oldest Tequila-distilling family in Tequila, Mexico. 

To craft Casa Rayos, BrewDog’s CEO Martin Dickie, and master distiller Steven Kersley worked closely with the Orendain family, blending 12 varieties from copper pots and stainless-steel distillations.  

The Tequila, made in Jalisco from 100 percent Blue Weber agave, is named after the Mexican myth of a lightning bolt striking an agave plant, fermenting the juices, and creating Tequila.  

Casa Rayos is described as being rich with lime and orange citrus zest, complemented by spicy cracked black pepper, pink peppercorn, and an earthy component. It is recommended to be enjoyed neat or used to elevate Margarita and Paloma cocktails. 

Steven Kersley, managing director of BrewDog Distilling Co., said: “We’ve long looked on with jealousy at the burgeoning Tequila category, and with growing frustration because we couldn’t participate by creating some agave magic at our distillery in Scotland.   

The partnership with Orendain made this possible. They distill some of the best Tequila in Mexico and it was a dream for us to collaborate on creating this one-of-a-kind Tequila, Casa Rayos.” 

However, the Tequila’s launch has stirred controversy due to its packaging. Muckle Brig, a Scottish wine and spirits producer and distributor, has criticized BrewDog, claiming that the Casa Rayos bottle design is too similar to a gin marketed by Muckle Brig.  

Ian Stirling, co-founder at Muckle Brig said, “I know we are all inspired to some extent by other brands, but this crosses that line with two middle fingers waving merrily in the air. They knew we’d notice but simply don’t care because they’re a massive company and we’re not.” 

Last year, BrewDog announced a US$9 million expansion of its distillery, located adjacent to the BrewDog brewery in Ellon, Aberdeenshire to treble its output of spirits. 

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