USA – Germany-based water filtration specialist, Brita, has announced the acquisition of Larq, an innovative hydration company based in North America.  

This move signifies a significant step for Brita in strengthening its presence in the lucrative North American market. 

Larq, founded in the San Francisco Bay area, has gained prominence for its premium self-cleaning drinking bottles featuring UV-C purification technology, notably exemplified in the Larq Bottle PureVi launched in 2018.  

The company’s commitment to eco-consciousness aligns with Brita’s mission to combat the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles. 

Markus Hankammer, CEO of BRITA SE, highlighted the strategic importance of the acquisition, emphasizing Larq as a perfect match for expanding further in North America.  

He stated, “For us, it is key to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit and the strong growth dynamics. Therefore, LARQ co-founder Justin Wang will continue to lead the company with their strong global team in the future.” 

Despite becoming a subsidiary of Brita, Larq will maintain its autonomy as an independent legal entity operating under its own brand. This acquisition ensures continuity in Larq’s mission to deliver sustainable hydration solutions worldwide

Larq founder and CEO Justin Wang said, “They wanted to expand back into North America on their B2C side. Larq provided a natural extension of that, geographically.

But also, from a premiumization and digital transformation perspective, that business is traditionally 70% to 80% offline. They’re in the process of doing a major digital transformation and we’re exactly the opposite.” 

Larq’s focus on digital transformation and a significant portion of its business conducted through Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sales aligns with Brita’s global strategy of shaping sustainable solutions.  

The acquisition allows both companies to leverage their strengths in the water filtration and hydration segments, addressing the increasing demand for premium and environmentally conscious products. 

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