Britvic invests US$142 million at its production site in UK

UK – Britvic, British producer of soft drinks has invested US$142 million in three new production lines at its Rugby manufacturing site, thereby creating 80 new jobs.

According to the company, the move adds to its plans to ensure efficient and effective flow of products and services from the factory to the customers purposely to satisfy the customer requirements and reduce carbon emissions from heavy transport vehicles.

These new can lines offer increased production at the rate of 6,000 cans per minute and reduced wastages.

In addition to the three new can lines, Britvic was investing in building a warehouse at the site and installing an aseptic line which will see the company produce preservative-free drinks.

With improved flexibility, the cans can be made from aluminium and steel on the same line although the company was looking forward to removing 8,000 tonnes of metal annually by replacing steel can format with aluminium cans.

A focus on innovations has contributed greatly to the success of the business, which increased revenue by nearly 30% in 2017.

For instance, improved packaging in slim-line aluminium cans as well as glass bottles for Purdey’s, a premium, natural energy drink made with natural juice and botanicals but no caffeine, taurine or added sugar.

“Rugby has been a home to Britvic for more than 30 years. At every stage, we have worked as a team to drive innovative change and I am looking forward to welcoming new team members to Rugby over the next 12 months as we continue to invest in our Rugby site,” said Clive Hooper, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Britvic.

This investment is timely following the launch of a new sustainability programme ‘A Healthier Everyday’, an initiative meant to help customers make healthier choices, empower the community and control the effects of the industrial operations on the environment.

The company will also employ new operators, engineers and team leaders to add to the 176 people working at the facility.

To ensure sustainable development, Britvic has gone a milestone by making 100% of its plastic bottles recyclable, reduced plastic packaging and controlling industrial waste into landfill.

It has also achieved a 5% reduction in carbon emissions relative to production compared to 2016.

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