KENYA – Brookside Dairy, a prominent milk processor in Kenya, has demonstrated its commitment to supporting dairy farmers by disbursing a substantial total of Ksh 323 million in annual bonuses.

This generous payout, released under the company’s reward scheme, serves as an early festive gift for dairy farmers across the country.

Producers contracted to Brookside Dairy received the bonuses in two installments, with Ksh 138 million released in mid-2023 and an additional Ksh 18 million recently distributed.

The reward scheme, designed and operated by the firm, aims to recognize and appreciate the significant contributions of dairy groups and individual farmers who have been actively supplying raw milk to Brookside between June and November this year.

Emmanuel Kabaki, Brookside’s General Manager for Milk Procurement, highlighted the criteria for the bonuses, stating that farmers were rewarded for meeting agreed supply targets in both quantity and quality.

The beneficiaries of the reward scheme are those who signed up for the project and diligently fulfilled their raw milk supply targets.

The reward scheme, initiated by Brookside five years ago, was a pioneering effort to acknowledge the critical role played by raw milk suppliers in the upstream phase of the dairy value chain.

The consistent rise in the payout over the years reflects the expansion of Brookside’s base of contracted farmers, currently numbering 160,000.

Mr. Kabaki expressed pride in the strong working relationship between Brookside and its vast network of raw milk suppliers across the country.

The bonuses, he noted, not only recognize the toil of farmers but also contribute to boosting the supply of high-quality milk, enabling Brookside to tap into a larger share of high-value dairy products.

The success of the reward scheme is evident not only in the financial incentives provided to farmers but also in the positive impact on the volumes and quality of milk supplied to Brookside.

This year’s intake recorded a noteworthy 27% increase compared to the volumes supplied during a similar period last year, attributed to the adoption of better dairy practices by farmers.

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As Brookside Dairy continues to champion the welfare of dairy farmers through its reward scheme, the ongoing success of such initiatives becomes integral to building a resilient and thriving dairy sector in Kenya.

The bonuses not only serve as a financial incentive for farmers but also strengthen the enduring partnership between Brookside Dairy and its contracted raw milk suppliers.

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