KENYA In a significant boost to the dairy farming community of North Rift, Brookside, a leading milk processor, has disbursed an impressive sum of KSh711 million to dairy farmers as payment for milk deliveries.

The substantial injection of funds is set to transform the lives of many farmers in the region, as Brookside reaffirms its commitment to elevating dairy farming into a thriving commercial enterprise.

West Pokot emerged as the frontrunner in the payout, with its dairy producers receiving a substantial sum of Sh197.8 million from Brookside.

Trans Nzoia followed closely, securing the second position with a commendable payout of KSh183.9 million. Uasin Gishu dairy farmers raked in KSh171.3 million, while their counterparts in Nandi and Elgeyo Marakwet counties received payments of KSh126.1 million and Sh31.9 million, respectively.

Mr. Emmanuel Kabaki, the General Manager in charge of milk procurement at Brookside, expressed the company’s unwavering dedication to collaborating with farmers to usher dairy farming into a fully-fledged commercial venture, ensuring guaranteed incomes for all involved.

He emphasized that Brookside’s expanded processing capacity and robust product sales campaigns solidify its position as a steadfast market for milk from farmers.

“At Brookside, we procure 100% of all contracted milk volumes from our farmers, and at no time do we ration, even in seasons of plenty,” Mr. Kabaki stated.

Additionally, in alignment with the company’s climate-smart initiatives, Mr. Kabaki highlighted Brookside’s efforts to promote agroforestry on dairy farms through tree planting.

“To mitigate the effects of weather uncertainties, we have also established fodder resource centers in our raw milk bulking stations, including one in Kitale, for fodder multiplication and distribution to farmers,” he said.

He further urged farmers to conserve feed during the anticipated El Niño rains for use during dry seasons.

Meanwhile, Brookside is piloting a semen and liquid nitrogen distribution program for its farmers, aimed at enhancing cow breeds and increasing production.

These strategic investments underscore the company’s commitment to bolstering the dairy industry in Kenya.

Mr. Robert Lelei, a smallholder farmer from Ziwa in the Uasin Sirikwa Dairy Co-operative Society, commended the positive impact of dairy farming on the lives of North Rift residents.

He explained how many farmers in the region had turned to dairy farming as a dependable source of income for their families.

The support from Brookside in the region extends beyond financial incentives, as the company actively participates in agricultural events such as the annual agribusiness trade fair held at the University of Eldoret.

This event served as a platform for stakeholders in the agricultural sector to explore new technologies, exchange ideas for improved efficiencies, and showcase best agricultural practices.

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