Buhler appoints Roman Sonderegger head of Wheat & Rye business

SWITZERLAND – Buhler, leading supplier of food processing plant, equipment and related services has named Roman Sonderegger as head of its Wheat & Rye business unit starting January 2019.

Sonderegger reports to Stefan Birrer, head of milling solutions and will promote the company’s leadership in the grain processing industry dedicated to producing the highest quality of food.

He joined Bühler in 2010 as assistant to the group chief executive officer and later appointed head of sales and service operations with a focus on the company’s customer service business development.

He was appointed Managing Director Bühler Southern Africa in August 2015 in charge of the region.

Harry Bloechlinger has been named to succeed Sonderegger as Managing Director, Buhler Southern Africa.

Sonderegger studied engineering at the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland.

After that, he gained experience in various international companies, mainly Bühler customers.

Last year, the company appointed Andy Sharpe president and chief executive officer of Bühler, Inc.

He was president and CEO of Bühler Aeroglide in Raleigh, N.C., a position he held since April 2015.

Sharpe has more than 20 years’ experience with Bühler, working across all functions of the organization, including sales, marketing, research and development, engineering, manufacturing and executive leadership.

He will see the company transition from its core equipment, plant and services business to a more extensive firm including consumer foods segment.

The company created a new consumer foods division incorporating the newly-acquired Haas company as well as its current chocolate, nuts, bakery and coffee business.

In the 2018 financial results, Buhler said creation of the new Consumer Foods pillar targets to strengthen its leadership in the global market alongside the entire value chain of food production systems.

The group reported 22% rise in turnover while EBIT increased in absolute terms by 13% to US$230 million (CHF 231 million), representing an EBIT margin of 7.1% compared to 7.6% in the previous year.

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