INDONESIA – Buhler has added a new cocoa application lab at its coca application facility in Indonesia to allow it offer complete cocoa processing trials to its customers in Southeast Asia.

According to Buhler, the lab will be managed by two service engineers and a consumer food technologist who would offer trials ranging from cocoa beans to end product trials.

It will also serve as the regional hub for the complete chocolate process chain from bean to bar.

Clients are provided the opportunity to get engaged on onsite cocoa testing processes including alkalizing, roasting, grinding and pressing of cocoa liqueur, allowing them increase their recipes and ingredients.

“Facing varying quality of the incoming raw materials, we definitely need to refine our processes as well. We are definitely looking forward to this help from Bühler.

Apart from services you also provide innovative solutions.

That is why we have such a strong bond with Bühler,” said Ajay Nair, head of manufacturing at Olam Cocoa Asia Pacific.

The lab improves Buhler’s capability to enhance research and development through innovative process solutions for making high grade foods.

Buhler said half of its sales revenues were generated by products innovated within a time span of five years.

For this reason, the company invests an average of 4-5% of all profits annually in basic research and applied development.

Through its Analytics laboratory, Buhler is able to offer a broad range of analyses for innovative processes for analysing foodstuffs and technical materials at all stages of processing.

Its lab enhances analytical services for cereals, flour and starch; feeds, oilseeds and biomass; chocolate, cocoa and sugar and pasta.

Bühler introduced the new cocoa lab to key people of the Southeast Asia cocoa industry in mid-March.