SWITZERLAND – The Bühler Group has introduced a new digital rice analyser TotalSense, which enables the reduction of costs, improvement of yield and improvement of quality for rice processors.

As part of Bühler’s digitalization initiative, this innovation features a number of new solutions that leverage the power of Internet of Things (IoT) with increased customer value, as digitalization has arrived in full force, changing many aspects of our private and professional lives.

According to the company, it has implemented a digitalization strategy to lead the industry and create innovative solutions with high value for its customers.

“We are positioning ourselves at the forefront of this accelerated transformation. Digitalisation can bring consumers and producers closer together and increases performance, efficiency, and quality” says Stefan Scheiber, CEO of the Bühler Group.

Rice processing has been slow, subjective, and prone to errors, and therefore, to improve the situation, Bühler developed TotalSense.

This mobile rice analyser speeds up the quality process and introduces objective and traceable data through the use of the Internet of Things and cloud technology.

The mobile rice analyzer delivers reports on quality within minutes by uploading a picture of a sample to a cloud-based solution, which as a result, rice farmers save precious time and benefit from an early warning system that prevents the contamination of entire batches.

Bühler has also introduced a food safety alert system designed to mitigate these risks by combining food safety databases and early warning systems under one coherent, cloud-based solution.

Since rice farmers often manually measure and inspect rice grains to ensure they meet pre-set size and other parameters, the value of IoT is particularly evident for food safety.

“Now we have the opportunity to connect with our partners, flagging risks but also giving insights on potential solutions”, says Béatrice Conde-Petit, Bühler’s Food Safety Officer.

With AnywarePro, Bühler introduced a solution that analyzes, filters, and transmits critical data on machine performance, tolerance levels, and sorting criteria in real time through remote access.

As a result, engineers and machine operators are able to anticipate maintenance requirements and thus reduce downtime, which results in considerable cost savings.

“These innovations are the beginning,” says Ian Roberts, CTO of the Bühler Group.

“We are investing considerable resources in developing digital services. We partner up with start-ups, researchers, institutes, and customers in order to bring relevant innovation to our customers.”