Bühler launches new malting equipment for small scale brewers

 SWITZERLAND – Swiss food technology group, Bühler has launched new malting equipment specifically meant for small to mid-sized craft beer producers.

Called RimoMalt, the new equipment offers users unprecedented flexibility and brings investments down to an all-time low, according to the company.

The company notes that with the new equipment craft producers can start off with very small batch sizes with an output that is easily scalable from 1,000 to up to 17,000 tons per year thanks to its modular system.

The fully insulated and cladded steep house starts at a volume of 16 metric tons but can be upscaled in two steps to 32 and 56 tons simply by adding height-extending rings.

 “For the first time it is possible to start a production with very small batch sizes and extend each box individually at any later stage,”says Johannes Kolb Sales Manager for malting and brewing at Bühler.

In times of volatile markets, quickly changing consumer preferences and emerging niche tastes, the individually customizable RimoMalt presents a possible solution to current challenges and malting trends.

According to Johannes Kolb, RimoMalt can facilitate various portfolio demands simultaneously by producing different special malts at the same time within a full 24-hour batch cycle.

Bühler says Breweries producing up to 1.1 million hectoliters annually will be able to fully produce their own malt for their beer, including the possibility to quickly increase their production as demands rise.

Established maltsters can also take advantage of RimoMalt, if they wish to try new products and widen their special malt portfolios.

In contrast to regular malting systems, the new system does not need an additional building as it is designed for outdoor installation from the start.

“RimoMalt facilitates highest quality in any climate from hot and humid cities to ice-cold rural terrains,” says Johannes Kolb.

With the new RimoMalt, small and mid-sized breweries also have the opportunity to best use of its automation system Mercury MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to make better malts for their beers.  

Bühler’s Insect Technology enters a new phase

During the launch of the new malting system, Bühler also announced another step in its insect production and processing capabilities as part of its contribution towards a sustainable meat value chain.

The company said that its unique larvae storage system succeeded the field test and is now ready for broad industrial use.

The system according to the company allows full decoupling of insect rearing from processing, which gives outstanding flexibility in the operational schedule.

Bühler believes that the use of insects for feed particularly of poultry and aquaculture presents an opportunity to reduce the CO2 footprint of meat.

Consequently the company has developed technology solutions for the growth and processing of insects to enable industrial-scale transformation of organic residues into high-value insect-based ingredients.

Last year, after four years of close collaboration, Bühler reached a major milestone in insect production with one of its partners, Protix, as their fully automated industrial black soldier fly processing plant in Netherlands reached its full processing capacity.

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