SWITZERLAND – Bühler Group has sold its China-based flour ingredient business, Buhler Bangsheng Food Ingredients (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. to Bakels Group.

Bakels, a Swiss group which manufactures and distributes innovative bakery ingredients and application solutions said that the deal will strengthen its position in the Asian country.

Bakels’ main focus is on ingredients for bakery and confectionary. Armin Ulrich, Bakels’ chairman said that the acquisition of Bühler Guangzhou will also enable the company to expand into the flour ingredients business.

“Flour ingredients have been a missing link in our portfolio so far,” Ulrich said. “We are excited to close that gap now by taking over Bühler’s well-positioned business and strengthen our position in China.”

Ulrich noted that Bakels will partner with Bühler to develop the flour ingredients business. The two companies will cooperate strategically to offer flour ingredient solutions under Bakels’ lead to milling and bakery customers.

As a result of the agreement, 70 employees of Bühler Guangzhou will join Bakels’ team of currently more than 2,750 staff.

“With Bakels, we have found an excellent owner and strategic partner for flour ingredient solutions,” Johannes Wick, CEO of Bühler’s Grains & Food businesss added.

Bühler has been active within the flour ingredient business since 2010. During this time, the company gained great expertise and excellent customer relations and recorded robust growth from its Chinese operations.

“Bühler has been active in the flour ingredients business to understand the entire value chain in order to provide better consulting capabilities throughout the life cycle of assets.

“Now we can do this even better, thanks to our professional partner who is active in a large array of segments,” says Johannes Wick.

“We are convinced that this business can unleash its full potential on a global scale, with Bakels as owner and Bühler as a strategic partner,” he added.