SWITZERLAND –  Swiss technology group Bühler has launched its next-generation hammer mill dubbed Granulex 5 series in an effort to help millers save on energy while maintaining the highest product quality and safety standards.

Bühler says that the new hammer mill series offers energy savings of up to 10% per ton, “and in some cases the reduction can be as much as 30%.”

According to Bühler, the new hammer mill also has the highest throughput ranges, improved granulation profile, and an operator-friendly design. “Capacity is increased by 10% and the time required for screen changeovers is reduced by 50%.”

This should come as good news to millers as grinding is one of the most energy-intensive processes of their operations.

With the rising costs of energy affecting the bottom lines of many businesses that rely on grinding, how to make more with less energy has certainly been a top priority for managers.

Bühler is however sending a message that they should not worry no more as their solution born out of a decade of research “packs in many small innovations that together add up to a big boost in performance.”

The hammer mill is among the most widely used grinding solution in industrial food and feed processing plants, valued for its flexibility and adaptability.

To revolutionize the machinery, have invested thousands of hours in testing and experimenting with different designs.

The company also worked in close collaboration with customers, including extensive lab testing in three specially set up labs in the US, China, and Switzerland.

The result is a groundbreaking piece of equipment that Buhler says can be configured to fit specific applications and process requirements in any country, for coarse or fine grinding, all with an optimized set-up for each customer.

Bühler says that The Granulex 5 series is ready to connect to its digital applications, enabling customers to view grinding line data anytime and anywhere, allowing millers to analyze trends, and track problems and improve processes.

The Granulex 5 series is part of Bühler’s ongoing development and restructuring of the entire portfolio. The aim is to provide a more transparent, customer-focused offering for the grinding industry.

Mixed feed producer AGRAVIS, based in the Münster, Germany, is already benefiting from the advanced features of the new series.

“The way we operate has changed in recent times due to rising energy costs,” says Heiko Almann, Managing Director at AGRAVIS. “The Granulex 5 series delivered significant energy savings compared to our current hammer mills. The Granulex 5 also benefits our operations with reduced maintenance time and optimized granulation.”

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