USA – Cal-Maine Foods, a leading egg supplier based in the United States, has announced its plans to acquire assets from Fassio Egg Farms.

The strategic move will involve the purchase of “substantially all the assets of Fassio Egg Farms, Inc., related to its commercial shell egg production and processing business,” as disclosed in a stock-exchange filing by Cal-Maine Foods.

The assets that are part of this acquisition package include commercial shell egg production and processing facilities with a combined capacity of approximately 1.2 million laying hens.

The poultry is primarily raised in a cage-free environment, aligning with the growing consumer demand for more ethically sourced eggs.

Additionally, the acquisition encompassed a feed mill, fertilizer production facilities, and land located in Erda, a location just outside Salt Lake City in Utah.

This strategic move represented a significant expansion for Cal-Maine Foods, as it seeks to strengthen its market presence in Utah and the broader western United States.

The increased production capacity, particularly in the cage-free egg segment, is expected to bolster the company’s ability to meet the needs of its valued customers in this vital market area.

The announcement of this asset acquisition comes under the leadership of Sherman Miller, who assumed the roles of President and CEO at Cal-Maine Foods in September of the previous year.

Sherman Miller, with over two decades of experience within the company, expressed enthusiasm about this strategic expansion.

While the specific financial terms of the deal have not been publicly disclosed, Cal-Maine Foods expects to finalize the transaction in the coming weeks.

This acquisition represents a notable addition to the company’s portfolio and underscores its commitment to meet evolving consumer preferences for ethically produced and high-quality eggs.

In a rapidly changing food industry, where consumer demand for sustainable and humane practices is on the rise, Cal-Maine Foods has strategically positioned itself to cater to these changing preferences while continuing to deliver exceptional products to its customers.

According to the supplier, the acquisition of assets from Fassio Egg Farms marked a milestone in Cal-Maine Foods’ growth strategy.  

“The company is poised to leverage this expansion to further solidify its position as a leading supplier of quality eggs in the United States,” it stated.

“As the transaction progresses, we are likely to focus on a smooth transition and integration process to ensure that customers continue to receive the high-quality products they have come to expect.”