USA – The US-based maker of almond milks, creamers, cold brew coffees, juices and other natural, non-GMO beverages announced the launch of a new line of dairy free probiotic yogurt drinks to expand on its wide range of plant-based beverages.

The new yogurts are fermented using the Califia culture blend flavored with real fruit to achieve lower sugar levels, giving consumers a more natural, plant-based alternative for dairy products.

Califia is targeting a new pool of health-conscious consumers with a new line which utilizes almost 10 billion live, active probiotic CFU’s powered by bifidobacteria, highly regarded probiotics that help in oligosaccharides metabolism.

Batch fermentation of BB2 strain delivers probiotics as part of the whole food, rather than being fortified at the end of fermentation.

Probiotic-powered yogurt drinks are available in four flavors that is, strawberry, super berry, mango and unsweetened plain varieties, available in multi-serve and single-serve.

The delicious, creamy new category of probiotic yogurts adds to the strong Califia brand that comprises of nut milks and coffee.

“Increasingly, consumers are realizing the importance of probiotics because of their enormous digestive and immune health benefits,” said Greg Steltenpohl, CEO, Califia Farms.

“And until now, there hasn’t been a non-dairy yogurt that delivers the delicious taste and creamy texture people want.

At Califia, we’ve set the gold standard for nut milks and creamers, and were able to create an almond and coconut based Yogurt Drink that delivers 10 billion live, active probiotics that are truly great tasting.”

Califia Farms has strongly positioned its brand with high quality, dairy-free milks in its nut milk category and sustainably-sourced and energizing Califia Cold Brew Coffee options.

The launch forms its expansion plan into an all-new category of specialty yogurt drinks, a new development that pushes it into over 80 ready-to-drink SKUs spanning across categories from cold brew coffee to nut milks.

Ashley Koff, RD, CEO, The Better Nutrition Program commenting on the matter said that the new category offers a delicious, better nutrition option for consumers faced with compromises in their yogurt and probiotic choices.

Ideal for adults and kids, the probiotic dairy-free drinks promote a healthy digestive system and strong immune system, and are an easy dairy-free swap for an existing meal or snack, and can be consumed by themselves, mixed with granola, added to a smoothie.