CAMEROON – Jaynitaare Cooperative has secured machines and equipment, needed for the production of chicken feed from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TiKA).

The equipment from Tika includes a feed grinder and mixer, a weighing machine as well as technical equipment and materials regarding packaging to increase the production capacity of the poultry cooperative.

The machines and equipment were delivered during a ceremony attended by Turkish Ambassador to Yaounde, Volkan Işıkçı, TİKA’s Coordinator of the Program Coordination Office in Yaounde, Burak Özden, and Jaynitaare Cooperative officials.

The project aims to reduce the soaring prices for chicken feed and increase the amount of chicken meat produced.

With increased production, the project also aims to improve the cooperative’s income as well as bolster the region’s total production capacity.

The increased cost in the production of chicken feed came after the government put in place trade restrictions over the covid-19 pandemic and avian influenza.

The continued restrictions have pushed all but about 25 out of 300 small-scale farmers out of the business.

As a result, Cameroon poultry farmers have urged the government and European countries to ease trade restrictions post the Covid-10 pandemic.

The increasingly toughening situation has seen the retail cost of 1.5 kilograms of chicken meat jump from US$5 in 2021 to US$12 in Cameroon, and up to US$15 in neighboring Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, which import from Cameroon.

The sector thus requires an immediate financial and technical boost to meet the demands of chicken meat in the country and the region.

To help improve the sector, the government of Cameroon has since improved investment conditions, allowing access to loans for the farmers, and appropriately training all stakeholders along the value chain.

In partnership with organizations such as TIKA that provide financial and technical assistance, the sector is anticipated to recover and meet the demands in the country and the region.

Founded in 1992, TIKA is known for carrying out such projects for the purposes of coordinating economic, social and cultural projects conducted by the Turkish Government.

Focusing on development cooperation, TİKA works in more than 150 countries globally, from the Balkans to Africa,  the Middle East and Latin America.

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