Cargill appoints Maxim Agri Ltd as its sole distributor of its animal nutrition products in Kenya

KENYA – Global agribusiness company, Cargill has appointed Maxim Agri Ltd to be the sole distributor of its animal nutrition products.

Maxim Agri Ltd is a Pakistan based company dealing with feeds, fodder seeds and customized nutrition solution in Kenya.

“It is our pleasure to announce that as from April 2020 Cargill’s animal nutrition business has appointed Maxim Agri Ltd as sole distributor in Kenya,” stated Maxim.

This distribution agreement will enable shorter lead times and consistent supply to the Kenyan feed market.

Cargill is one of the world’s leading Agribusinesses with a rich history of 150 years. Cargill employs 155,000 people from 70 countries who are committed to feeding the world in safe, responsible and sustainable way.

Fuelled by its innovation and research, it offers a range of products and services to animal farmers around the world.

“Maxim Agri Limited with the help of Cargill will provide Kenyan’s farmers with the highest-quality animal nutrition products which are specially formulated to meet the local market needs,” added Maxim.

Maxim Agri Limited will offer a wide range of product portfolio for optimising poultry and dairy health and performance.

Together, Cargill & Maxim, are committed to reaching every corner of Kenya to help our farmers and communities thrive.

Last year, Maxim signed an agreement with the Oserian Development Company to put up an animal feed plant worth Sh1 billion (US$10 million) in Kenya.

Oserian is a worldwide renowned flower farm sitting on 3,000 acres of land while its industrial park occupies 750 acres of the farm. The Company will be setting up the feed plant at the Oserian Two Lakes Industrial Park in Nakuru County.

The Maxim Agri plant will be involved in genetic modification, production of cattle feed, cow comfort products and farm equipment which will lead to improved breeds and production that will offer farmers better returns.

The facility is expected to boost the country’s livestock production as well as open up new markets for dairy products in the country.

The plant is scheduled for completion by January 2021 and set to offer 160 direct employment.

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  1. Francis Kariuki

    Maxim agri Ltd has the capacity and well versed human resource trained in the field of poultry and animal nutrition to transverse Kenya and serve the farmers, mills and farms with both services and goods.

  2. Susy keitany

    Nice one ,cogratulations & wish u well as u progress.
    Wish to work with u
    Abs sales rep susan

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