USA – Cargill has launched a new de-oiled rapeseed lecithin, an allergen-free and label-friendly ingredient that finds application in bakery and snacks to meet increasing consumer demand.

According to Juergen Detert, technical service manager for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers, and the new range offers great emulsification performance without compromising on taste or texture and was developed through extensive research by R&D and applications team to offer comparable functionality to soy and sunflower.

In the US, Non-GMO claims are increasingly gaining momentum and Cargill is working with food and beverage manufacturers to help them navigate non-GMO supply chain challenges, source non-GMO ingredients, and grow their non-GMO business.

The company said that the de-oiled lecithin is 100% sourced from Central European crops with the highest levels of quality, food safety and a reliable supply.

Lecithin adds to a range of non-GMO ingredients including sweeteners, starches, texturizers, oils, cocoa and chocolate and fibres.

The de-oiled rapeseed lecithin range of emulsifiers increases capacity to market non-GMO products with a number of Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients and give customers a wider option to choose from.

“In a world of increasingly label-conscious consumers, we are striving to meet demand for simple ingredients and provide the familiarity consumers are looking for related to food origin from trusted, reliable sources”, said Dr. Roland Rabeler, lecithin product manager for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers.

It is also a cost-effective, label friendly alternative to soy lecithin, a multi-purpose food ingredient that primarily functions as an emulsifier and dispersing agent.

The launch targets Cargill’s customers in Europe through a full range of GMO and Non-GMO lecithin product portfolio.

Apart from Europe, the company has built a strong soy and sunflower lecithin product portfolio across the USA and Canada since 2016.

Cargill supplies lecithins to makers of confectionery, beverages, instant products, bakery, dietary supplements, a sector that has attracted other players such as ADM and other European lecithin specialists including German-based Leico and Lecital from Austria.