Cargill introduces functional native starches to address consumer demands

USA – Cargill has introduced a new brand portfolio of functional native starches that deliver simple ingredients label that consumers demand, along with greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability.

Dubbed SimPure, the range offers food and beverage manufacturers tailor-made, functional native starches and with its product line available worldwide.

The custom starch blend of various botanical sources replace modified starches in frozen-ready meals, without compromising taste, texture or appearance, according to Cargill.

“Consumers increasingly want to know what is in their food and are turning to product labels to better inform themselves,” says Simon Waters, Global Food Starch leader, Cargill.

“Cargill’s SimPure functional native starches, coupled with our integrated formulation and technical expertise, will allow food manufacturers to deliver on consumer demands for label-friendly products with great taste and texture.”

Modified starches have served as the workhouses of the texturizing world, giving solutions to various food processing issues, but consumer concerns with them provide new opportunities to offer them products they can trust.

“Through extensive research to identify new starch sources, create new processing techniques and evaluate new combinations of native starches, Cargill’s food scientists developed the SimPure line, offering innovative solutions to these difficult texturizing challenges,” explains Denis Palacioglu, EMEA Starch product line director, Cargill.

Cargill introduced the tailored system of starches, which deliver comparable performance and offer varied satisfactions of consumer’s sensory expectations.

“As a global leader, we have the most diverse texturizing portfolio, backed by world-class formulation experts and a reliable supply chain, enabling us to create custom solutions like SimPure 99560 to address the application and marketplace needs of our customer partners,” said Waters.

“As we expand the SimPure product line, our food scientists will be creating similar ways to use familiar ingredients that provide the functional, label-friendly options our customers require.”

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