USA – Cargill has introduced new in-store roasted deli meat and deli-prepared offerings as a result of its culinary innovation featuring research and development of new products with a focus on nutrition.

The new products highlight consumer insights driven by protein innovation and forms part of Cargill’s focus area that is, in-store roasted meats and prepared foods.

The innovation brings customer convenience through simplified operations, speedy oven times, enhanced safe handling of food and a wide variety of applications while giving retailers a way to quickly and easily distinguish their delis.

Cargill innovation utilizes science and art to develop quality and nutritious products in line with customer preferences and tastes.

This is made possible at its culinary innovation centre which features research, development, culinary, laboratory, pilot plant and distribution capabilities.

It helps Cargill’s retail and food service customers grow their businesses by meeting the needs of domestic and international consumers who enjoy eating meat products.

Presenting at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) Conference in New Orleans, Cargill’s culinary team displayed latest food trends, innovative new recipes, incorporating Cargill-branded products including a Turkey Bolillo Panini, a Crispy Gochujang Pork Belly Taco and the Lodge Breakfast Sandwich with Maple Butter featuring ham and egg protein.

“We are always focused on the customer and staying ahead of the latest food trends by providing consumer-preferred protein options,” said Chuck Gitkin, Cargill Protein Chief Marketing Officer.

“We know our customers want versatility combined with powerful insights and the culinary expertise we deliver.

And now, with in-store roasted meat and prepared food capabilities, we are giving our customers more options.”

At the Protein Powered by Insights booth, also displayed was an interactive digital product display to showcase more than 30 items from the company’s Castle Wood Reserve, Honeysuckle White and Charter Reserve brands while avoiding food waste.

Cargill Protein offers advanced food innovation strategies in both Animal Protein and their alternatives for the foodservice operators, retailers, food manufacturers.

In addition to numerous investments in alternative proteins, the company said it has invested more than US$900 million in its animal protein business in the past two years.

The rapid growth in demand for plant and animal protein globally is an emerging trend even as the global population is forecast to increase to over 9 billion by 20150.

“Food is Cargill’s business, and our job is to offer products for our customers and consumers that meet the demand of their busy schedules,” said Gitkin.

“Our on-the-go options provide convenience, allowing us to move food from shelves and meat cases to wherever and however people want to eat.

Product versatility and ease of preparation help differentiate us from others in the protein space.”