Cargill invests digital engineering in blockchain to support food and agric supply chain

USA – The global agribusiness giant, Cargill has said that it is investing its own digital engineering technology to accelerate development of blockchain that will address global challenges in food and agricultural supply chains.

The company is adopting the Hyperledger Grid, a project for building supply chain solutions seeking to address the factors standing in the way of achieving a sustainable agricultural system.

Hyperledger Grid provides an ecosystem of reusable, open-source digital tools that developers can work with to build products, prototypes and applications that address supply-chain use cases, including traceability, food safety, trade settlement and more.

It builds upon Hyperledger Sawtooth, a project originally contributed to The Linux Foundation by Intel and maintained by Cargill, Bitwise IO, Intel and others.

“Hyperledger Grid is another way to help make food and agricultural supply chains more inclusive – creating new markets for farmers and developing economies,” said Keith Narr, vice president, Cargill Digital Labs.

“With our wide set of food and agricultural supply chain data, Cargill is leading the industry to work together and improve traceability, trade, food safety, nutrition, farmer livelihoods and more.”

The likes of Cargill will be able to leverage the power of Hyperledger Grid’s open-source software ‘up the stack’.

Organizations building supply chain solutions will be able to collaborate on shared industry-standard frameworks, rather than relying on proprietary software or costly ‘from scratch’ development efforts.

“Technology has the power to help us solve some of the greatest challenges facing the food and ag supply chains, and also equips us to better serve our customers,” added Narr.

“Everyone should have access to the best thinking and digital solutions available, and Hyperledger Grid is a key first step in bringing that vision to reality.”

Hyperledger Grid is supported by other companies including Bitwise IO and Intel.

Cargill, together with ADM, Bunge and Louis Dreyfus joined forces in blockchain technology to increase transparency and efficiency in global grain trading.

Last month, the company outlined plans to eliminate deforestation in its cocoa supply chain by achieving 100% cocoa bean traceability in its operations.  

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