BELGIUM – The global agribusiness major, Cargill has unveiled a farm-based program aimed at enhancing sustainability of food starch in waxy corn growing regions across Europe.

Dubbed Waxy Corn Promise™, the program looks to leverage strong partnerships between Cargill, farmers and co-op suppliers to address sustainability challenges in growing of food starch.

With the initiative, Cargill has committed to source waxy corn 100% sustainably from European farmers in order to ensure a long-term sustainable crop supply for food starch.

According to the company, the Waxy Corn Promise delivers on consumers’ expectations for more sustainable food ingredients.

Sustainability actions will cover waxy corn crop and the growing areas as well as protection of biodiversity, soil and water quality preservation and water use optimization.

“The Waxy Corn Promise was developed with the support of our agricultural crop suppliers and an agronomy consultancy, to ensure that we make real sustainability impact,” said Dawn Emerson, Cargill sustainability manager.

“It is tailored specifically to the waxy corn crop and the growing regions, recognizing the good work that farmers do already and providing improvement actions to help them become more sustainable year-on-year.”

It also works to help farmers protect and efficiently use their valuable natural resources while driving positive change throughout the European starch supply chain.

This is in line with Cargill’s commitment to nourishing the world, protecting the planet and enriching communities.

Speaking on the initiative, Judd Hoffman, director texturizers & specialties, Cargill Europe said: “We are committed to making an impact and raising sustainability standards across our supply chains.”

“Waxy corn is a specific type of corn used to produce starches serving as ingredients in many food products and the Waxy Corn Promise provides credible claims, helping our customers achieve their sustainability targets.

It also provides assurance and certainty to consumers who are increasingly seeking products containing sustainably sourced ingredients.”

Waxy corn is a specific type of corn used to produce starches serving as ingredients in many food products and with the program, customers can meet their sustainability goals while providing credible claims.