USA – Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has launched a new cocoa powder variant called Gerkens CT70 designed for flavor enhancement in especially baked goods applications.

The new range, which is an addition to Gerkens, a brand of high quality, consistent and reliable cocoa powders that offers signature taste and colour profiles through top-notch processing and cake blending.

Dick Brinkman, Technical Service Manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate said Gerkens CT70 was developed by a team of Cargill experts over nine months based on consumer insights and cocoa powder preferences.

A customer and consumer survey carried out by the company showed that baked goods prepared by Gerkens CT70 were preferred by 54% of consumers for its taste and “chocolatey” smell.

For baked goods, Gerkens CT70 can offer an outstanding chocolate aroma and taste, an appealing red-brown color and less complexity when baking as it can be used for both the body of chocolate cakes as well as the coating and filling, giving taste and aroma to both.

“We designed Gerkens CT70 with a focus on the bakery industry. We know this new cocoa powder brings a genuine chocolate taste and aroma to baked goods and are looking at how it may work in other categories,” said Dick Brinkman.

According to him, the sweet bakery category is expected to grow mostly by the Asian market, with Europe and North America following the trend.

“While consumers’ tastes and expectations are changing, they still want their sweet baked goods to be indulgent.

Gerkens CT70 responds to this by offering a true chocolate experience that will help our customers develop products their consumers enjoy,” he said.

Ilco Kwast, Marketing Director Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, said: “Ultimately it’s all about the taste and we were delighted at the consumer response to baked goods made with CT70.

Gerkens CT70 cocoa powder gives bakery products the chocolate taste and aroma that consumers prefer, making baked goods stand out from the competition by bringing a unique chocolate experience to consumers.”