INDIA – Cargill, an American business that deals with grain and other agricultural commodities, has opened its first feed mill acquired in India.

The plant, acquired from Mulpuri Foods & Feeds shows the commitment company has to provide the Indian farmers with safe, high quality aqua feeds, as it dedicates its focus on developing its aqua feed business in India and across Asia.

The feed mill will allow the Indian aqua farmers access the feeds more easily and at the local level.

The feed mill, producing fish feed products for tilapia and other warm water species, is located in the Andhra Pradesh region, the capital of farm raised aquaculture in India promising a good market for the aqua feeds.

The new feed plant has a capacity of 90,000 tonnes per year, tripling its fish feed capacity in India.

“This is a vibrant market and we’re excited to better serve farmers across Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Bengal,” said Chad Gauger, managing director of Cargill aqua nutrition in South Asia.

“The new facility positions us to better meet their demand, as the country will soon become the most populous in the world.”

Following the opening of the facility that took more than US$10 million and will employ about 200 people.

Cargill expects growth in fish feed sales up from the previous 30,000 tonnes made in a year in collaboration with toll millers in the region.

“India presents great opportunities for Cargill and plays an important part in our aqua nutrition growth strategy in Asia”, said Einar Wathne, president of Cargill Aqua Nutrition.

“The plant leverages Cargill’s industrial and supply chain capabilities, as well as our innovation expertise to provide customers with the best possible feed solutions, helping them grow healthy seafood and increase their output.”