UK – Cargill’s fresh chicken unit in the UK has partnered with Faccenda, a supplier of fresh chicken, turkey and duck to launch a new poultry venture, Avara Foods

As part of the agreement, each company will hold a 50% stake in the newly created business.

Avara Foods business will operate as an independent entity and will employ 6,000 people operating across multiple agricultural and operational centres.

Cargill had agreed to establish a joint venture with Faccenda in 2017, bringing together Cargill’s fresh chicken business in the UK with Faccenda’s fresh chicken, turkey and duck business.

The venture which was put on hold until its approval by the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) in December 2017 would help propel the companies’ market growth at the same time offering quality service to customers- according to Chris Langholz, Cargill Poultry president.

It will also promote innovation and development of quality chicken products for their consumers.

With capabilities to cut across the food supply chain, Avara Foods will be managed by Andy Dawkins as the CEO and Chris Hall, former fresh chicken director for Cargill Meat Europe as chief commercial officer.

“Launching Avara Foods brings together two successful businesses with high standards, shared values and strong reputations for building sustainable partnerships with customers, growers and suppliers,” said Andy Dawkins.

“Now the opportunity is to take the best from both and provide our customers with great service and innovation from a trusted leader in fresh foods.

“We believe that it is our strong values and talented people that make the difference and will be key to the success of our business now and in the future.”

According to Dawkins, the company’s first step will be to make sure that there is a smooth transition as it brings together the two businesses as Avara Foods, and establish a solid platform for growth.

The venture will not affect Cargill’s European poultry business operations in France, Russia and the Netherlands.

Cargill’s partnership with Faccenda will bring together a team of experienced individuals as they look forward to developing and growing the company into a global business.