USA – Cargill has entered into an agreement with White Dog Labs to expand its offerings of sustainable alternatives to fishmeal in the aquafeed sector.

The deal secures access to ProTyton, White Dog Labs’ single-cell protein produced by fermentation with corn feedstock, a sustainable alternative to harvesting fishmeal, which like fishmeal, is high in protein and amino acids.

Cargill said that ProTyton will be ready to ship from White Dog Labs’ demo facility in Sutherland, Nebraska in 2020.

“This agreement underlines our commitment to sustainable aquaculture and discovering new and strategic ingredients that will help feed the world in a safe and responsible way,” said Adriano Marcon, president of Cargill’s aqua nutrition business.

“ProTyton offers a good source of protein for fish and shrimp, an affordable feed ingredient for farmers and a sustainable option for the planet that lessens our reliance on fishmeal—which we know to be a finite resource.”

With the deal, Cargill plans to begin offering ProTyton in salmon feed, with the possibility of expanding to shrimp and other species as White Dog Labs’ production volume increases.

“We’re honored to partner with Cargill to lead the industry in the application of highly scalable, alternative proteins for aquaculture,” said Bryan Tracy, chief executive officer, White Dog Labs..

Made up of 80% protein, ProTyton offers higher protein content than typical fishmeal. The aquafeed also offers an attractive amino acid profile with 40% essential amino acids.

According to trials conducted by the company, salmon fed on a diet containing ProTyton achieved a growth performance comparable to salmon on a conventional diet. 

The company also noted that integrating MiruTyton, a valuable co-product in the aquafeed ensures that the product is economical – since the coproduct shares its production costs.

White Dog Labs’ MiruTyton is a liquid feed additive that is rich in butyrate, which promotes healthy digestion and boosts energy.

Trials have indicated that MiruTyton in livestock diets supports higher growth rates and a better feed conversion ratio than when fed a normal diet.

Cargill’s latest partnership with White Dog Labs follows its recent a strategic partnership with Innovafed to scale up and jointly market fish feed made with insect protein.

The agribusiness company said the partnership marks another step in its journey to find new, sustainable ways to feed the growing planet.