DENMARK – Danish multinational brewer Carlsberg has moved to a new modern Central Office located on the same street as where the old Carlsberg brewery was originally founded in 1847 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen.  

The new office with enough room for more than 700 employees has been described as a sustainable piece of construction with durable, long-lasting solutions made in natural materials. 

The building’s copper façade is for instance made up of 50 percent recycled copper and transmits memories back to the old copper kettles used for brewing beer. 

To reduce the energy consumption of the building, Carlsberg has installed solar panels on the roof and rooftops with grass, which contributes to collect rainwater that is subsequently led into the lake in Carl Jacobsen’s public garden.  

Rainwater that has been in contact with the copper is collected separately and rinsed before being diverted. 

“We’re delighted to see our colleagues back here in the central office – beer is about bringing people together, and now, we can reunite at the top of Valby hill, where inspiration and innovation have always been brewing,” says Jakob Stilov, Head of Real Estate at Carlsberg Group. 

For the first time in history, Carlsberg Laboratory will be physically connected to the headquarters with a hallway from the 1,685 square meter parking garage.   

Digital manufacturing extended to 28 locations 

Meanwhile, Carlsberg has adopted PTC’s digital manufacturing solution suite to boost its performance at 28 breweries in Europe and Asia. 

Built on Microsoft Azure, PTC’s digital manufacturing solution suite comprises of ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, which accelerates the time-to-value for manufacturers, as well as enables long-term exchange and maximizes information. 

Carlsberg is said to have adopted this technology to monitor its critical packaging assets and track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and performance, to improve product and production consistency.    

“By integrating ThingWorx with our existing production assets, we have enhanced connectivity across our breweries and can now provide more detailed analytics of the packaging cycle,” said Marco Farina, Global Operational Technology Manager, Carlsberg.   

“Production managers, both in the 28 breweries and those at headquarters, will now be able to analyse our operations in real-time, onsite and remotely.” 

Carlsberg completed the deployment of PTC’s digital manufacturing solution across the 28 breweries in 28 months. 

The Danish brewer now intends to build an end-to-end digital value chain that will impact everything from forecasting to procurement, to brewing, packaging, and logistics, all to increase transparency and better serve customers. 

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